Unlock HTC Android Phones bootloader


Now days android is the king of all mobile OS, rather say HTC android phones has ruled the android mobile market, If you also have HTC Android smart phone, and you really want to have a real ownership on your device, then you must need to unlock your phone’s HTC bootloader which makes trouble rooting your android based smarty HTC device if not unlocked.

Why need to unlock HTC bootloader?

Most of all android users needs to root their android phone or device, in the case of HTC Android phones users needs to unlock the phone’s bootloader before they root their phones otherwise the booting will be temporary and will be un-rooted after they reboot their phone once.

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How to unlock HTC bootloader?

  1. Get registered then sign in on HTCdev website.
  2. Go to Official HTCdev website.
  3. click on “Begin Unlock Bootloader” button.
  4. Follow the steps provided by there on HTCdev website.

After successful unlock of bootloader you can continue rooting your HTC Smart Android phone.