ZArchiver APK Download For Android Devices Officially


    Many different file extraction and solution apps are available on the web. Most of them are basic apps that do not offer a comprehensive solution. Zarchiver APK is one of the best file archive managers and extractors for Android, PC, or iPhone. Zarchiver Apk comes with a simple and clear interface making it a user-friendly app.

    zarchiver apk

    What is Zarchiver Apk?

    Zarchiver APK is specially designed for Android devices. It is designed by ZDevs. Zarchiver Apk allows users to work and manage compressed files directly from android tablets or smartphones with a functional and easy-to-use interface. 

    This is an all-one tool that decompresses or extracts many file formats. 

    Zarchiver Apk Features

    Zarchiver apk has lots of handy features that make work quite easy. Its graphical user interface let the users handle all types of files directly without command-line tools like cpio or tar or text editors. 

    Zarchiver Apk works with a large number of standard archive file formats. Those include rar5, rar, XZ, bzip2(bz2), 7z (7zip), and gzip (gz). The user can edit the archives and read the whole content. 

    Zarchiver can create compressed files. Users can view the content of files that are in rar, bzip2, 7z, zip, rpm, gzip, XZ, iso, arj, tar, lzh, cab, lzma, tgz, deb, xar, tbz, Z, lha, zipx and mtz

    Users can embed special symbols such as national flags when naming archive files. The user can customize the label in Zarchiver as it supports UTF-8/ UTF-16 Unicode format. 

    Zarchiver Apk allows users to access archived files received the mail apps like Yahoo Mail or Gmail. It manages passwords from encrypted archives. 

    Zarchiver Apk let the users create a backup and restore any selected files from anywhere. An automatic backup option can be selected from the settings to backup any file from the home folder to an external location. It also allows backup and restoration apps from the cloud. But the free version of this software allows a limited number of backups.

    Safety and Legality

    Zarchiver is a powerful app for those who deal with compressed files. It concerns the safety of each file allowing encryption of archived files for more security. This app does not have permission to access the internet. So there is no risk in transmitting information to other services or persons.  Zarchiver Apk can be used on any Android device, PC, and Ios device without bothering with safety and legality.


    How can I unzip a file in Zarchiver Apk?

    Tap on the file. It will be highlighted. Then press the down arrow icon to create the compressed archive. It is easy to compress created folders. There are multiple ways to compress the folder. Depending on your requirement select the method to compress.  

    How to compress a file using Zarchiver Apk?

    Select the zip file and click on it. Options like ‘View,’ ‘Extract to. //’, ‘Extract…’, ‘Test,’ ‘and Compress to *.zip, ‘Compress….’, ’ ‘Compress to *.7z’ will appear on the screen.  Select the required task and compress the file. 

    Do I want to pay for Zarchiver Apk?

    This does not incur money to download or install. It is a free app.

    Can I download Zarchiver for my pc?

    Though this app is designed for android devices, it is compatible with other devices too. So you can download Zarchiver to PC and other devices.