Lockit Best Locker App For Android Download Free 2023

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Lockit App is a popular Android app for locking and unlocking your phone files.

It lets you manage your phone’s content with a nice user interface and it also provides you with easy access to manage files in the following categories: music, photos, videos, documents and apps.

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Lockit app supports Android phones with a screen size of 4.0 inches to 6 inches and there are two modes in Locker App: individual and group.

Distinct Traits of Lockit

Individual mode lets you lock and unlock your phone’s files one by one; group mode locks your phone, but not its contents, so that all the members of the group can work together on unlocking it.

With Lockit , you can sync your file with the cloud and share it with friends, family or business associates.

The app also comes in various features like password protection, file encryption and synchronization.

Lockit APK for Android is a secure application that allows you to store, protect, and share your files.

The app is available for free on Google Play Store, offers no in-app purchases, and does not require a subscription to function properly.

Security is a major concern when it comes to your mobile device and there are millions of apps on the market that promise you protection, but only a few actually deliver.

Lockit is a App for Android lets you lock your sensitive files all in one place, from pictures to text, music and documents, it’s easy to keep your personal information secure with this App.

The app includes a 256-bit encryption engine that protects your information from prying eyes, as well as a password protection system.

This is a free app that lets users create and hide files on their device and once the file is locked, it cannot be opened or deleted by anyone else.

It’s a quick way to ensure that sensitive data remains private and importantly the app can also be used to delete all of the files on your device for security purposes.